About co-p2p

The special interest group (SIG) in co-p2p works with issues related to commons, co-creation, co-governance and peer-to-peer and open modes of production. Members represent a variety of disciplines and backgrounds with-in Aalto University. The SIG acts an informal platform to share knowledge and create activities to raise awareness of these themes with-in Aalto University and its surrounding community.

Keywords: Citizenship, commons, commoning, digital media, governance, infrastructures/infrastructuring, services,  social media, publics.

1) Commons in the Cultural sector (e.g commons in digital media collections / repositories archives) and around culture

2) Commons in the Urban Space (e.g urban planning, collaborative media and urban data) and its relationship to local governance

3) Caring for the Commons and commons caring

More info:

Aalto ARTS Department of Media: Andrea Botero (andrea.botero-at-aalto.fi), Joanna Saad-Sulonen (joanna.saad-sulonen-at-aalto.fi), Sanna Marttila (sanna.marttila-at-aalto.fi) and Andrew Gryf Paterson (andrew.paterson-at-aalto-dot-fi)

Also involved: Mariana Salgado, Kari-Hans Kommonen, Teemu Leinonen and Tere Vaden

Aalto ENG Department of Real Estate, Planning, and Geoinformatics: Liisa Horelli (liisa.horelli-a-aalto.fi) and Karoliina Jarenko (karoliina.jarenko-a-aalto.fi)

Also involved: Sirkku Wallin



In 2010  Aalto Service Factory  funded a small research initiative that resulted in a seminar and a book (see Botero, Paterson and Saad-Sulonen 2012) exploring  new modes and relationships of production and their relevance to public and community services (including: co-production, peer-production, co-creation and co-governance)

The experiences documented confirmed that there is a change in how citizens take part in making the city and its services (See also Hernberg 2012). There are many experiments undergoing which include peer-to-peer arrangements. New media and the Internet, in particular, play an important role in making them visible and scalable. In all the accounts and reflections it was possible to see how historical conditions and local resources frame the ways in which these experimentation took shape. Moreover many of the contributions raised the issue of building, designing and sustaining a common pool of knowledge and resources raising the issue of  “commons” as an important concept to bring to this discussion.

Aalto University Service Factory granted some further funding again in 2013 for organizing a new seminar and other related activities.

Nordic Cultural Commons (conference 2008): Issues around this theme are based on previous work by some members of the SIG in the p2pFusion project. In connection to that, a seminar dedicated to the theme of “nordic cultural commonswas organized already in 2008. Funding for that work was provided by EU FP6 program

Some of us where also involved in the Open Symposium organized by Media Lab Helsinki doctoral students in 2009.