Caring for the city in Seville

This week the people for Zemos98 in Seville are organizing an interesting meeting / festival / hackcamp called 17th ZEMOS98 Festival on the theme “Caring for the City: Reclaim the Commons”. They have an interesting program and an agenda that includes building a few things.

Central questions are: How to care for public spaces a? How to turn villages and cities into places where we live and breathe wellbeing?

We are happy that Andrew got invited to represent the work they have been doing in pixelache ry, specially last summer festival in Vartiosaari. Mariana will also be there, she will share with participants of the hackcamp lessons learned during our research work in the EUScreen EU project, specifically the challenges and issues involved in designing and making open and common audiovisual archives.

Waiting for some reports 🙂

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