Tere Vaden: “What do you think you are doing?” Two cases of building commons

Tere VadenProfessor Tere Vadén’s contribution to the seminar  presents two recent cases of building commons: Vertaisrahasto / Peer fund, (http://www.vertaisrahasto.fi/) and Robin Hood Minor Asset Management (http://www.rhmam.org/). The first was launched as a vehicle for funding scientific research in an open and democratic manner, without the usual overlays of elitist expert culture. The second is an “investment co-operative of the precariat”, aiming at creating income independent of wage labour.

Both have necessitated an experimental and cross-disciplinary approach, where social, artistic and more narrowly technical issues can be balanced. The experimentality entails
improvisation and provisionality, and an attitude that can combine these with the demands of organisation and bureaucracy, especially while both cases deal with money. It seems that some of the open source principles (such as “release early, release often”) are helpful not only in terms of speeding up the development but also in creating essential transparency and trust.

Complete presentation: https://vimeo.com/album/2625078/video/80359814

Tere Vadén is a philosopher living in Tampere, Finland. He teaches art education at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki, and is an editor of the Finnish philosophical journal niin & näin (http://www.netn.fi). He has published several articles on the philosophy of mind and language, as well as the books Wikiworld (with Juha Suoranta; Pluto, London 2010), and Artistic Research (with Mika Hannula and Juha Suoranta, ArtMonitor, Gothenburg 2005). One of Tere’s research topics is open source and the various forms of peer production. He is one of the initiators of vertaisrahasto.fi (http://www.vertaisrahasto.fi), a peer fund for anonymous research proposals, and a contributor to the research initiative Statistical Studies of Peer Production (http://surveys.peerproduction.net/), supported by the P2P Foundation.

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