Who is who? Sessions on Caring, Cultural and Urban Commons the 7.11

An important part of the program of the seminar (7.11.2013) are three parallel thematic sessions where we discuss different approaches and resources that relate to the theme of Infrastructuring the Commons from 3 particular angles: Caring commons, Cultural commons and Urban commons.

Here are introduced in short the people who make the sessions happen:

Andrea Botero (MA) is a doctoral candidate at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture of the Aalto University were she also works as project lead/designer in externally funded R&D projects. Her research interest spin around understanding theoretical and practical implications of broad participation in creative design processes, how can we design with care and contribute more to sustain commons. She would like to understand better how all these might relate to “innovation”. One first attempt at that is her dissertation, which she just recently defended. Her design work explores services, media formats, genres and technologies for collectives, communities and their social practices. (Caring Commons) More about Andrea http://www2.uiah.fi/~abotero/

Tania Perez Bustos has PhD in Education with a Masters in Development Studies and undergrads in Social Anthropology and Communication studies. Her areas of research are related to the feminist politics of knowledge circulation especially in popular settings (media, non formal education settings, initiatives of scientific engagement with broad publics) and to the cultural feminization of certain practices related to science and technology. She has worked with a variety of topics, including science museums and Free Software communities in Colombia and India, the ethnographic analysis of human genetics news coverage in Colombian and the know-how of geneticists working in the DNA identification of war victims as a matter of care. Her current research focuses on the public communication practices of scientific knowledge directed towards non-expert audiences, which are mobilized by women belonging to sexual minorities and to ethnic groups. (Caring Commons) More about Tania: http://taniaperezbustos.jimdo.com/ (Website in Spanish)

Sanna Marttila is a doctoral candidate at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture of the Aalto University. She has a background in humanities and new media and digital design. Her research centers on designing meaningful public access to the vast digital archives that exists in public memory institutions. As a designer Sanna’s interest includes open and collaborative design and creative re-use utilizing archival materials online. Sanna is vice chair of the Open Knowledge Finland board and works actively with the Finnish GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) sector. She is also engaged in Creative Commons Finland where she is promoting an open and collaborative cultural sector. (Cultural Commons)

Erling Björgvinsson is an assistant professor at the School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University. He has managed a lab that focused on collaborative cultural production through design-lead and art-lead research where academics, professionals, and citizens co-produce – productions that at times address cultural commons. His research area is in design and art methodology and specifically on collabora­tive and participatory design-lead research. He has published articles, amongst other, in CoDesign – International Journal of CoCreation in Design, Design Issues, and Journal of Arts and Communities. (Cultural Commons)

Joanna Saad-Sulonen is a doctoral candidate at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture of the Aalto University. She has a background in architecture and new media and digital design. Her research addresses the limitations of the current approach to participatory e-planning, where the relationship between technology and citizen participation in urban planning is often based on the application of “ready-to-use” technology in the context of formal participation and urban planning processes. By situating her work at the intersection of digital design and urban planning, she proposes a new conceptualization of participatory e-planning, which enables the collaborative development of both technologies and participation processes concurrently. (Urban Commons) More about Joanna: https://reseda.taik.fi/Taik/jsp/taik/Researcher.jsp?id=24744 https://twitter.com/jsaadsu

Karoliina Jarenko (M. Sc.) is a researcher and doctoral candidate at the Aalto University, YTK – Land Use Planning and Urban Studies Group, and CEO of Filosofian Akatemia Oy. She is interested in the interplay between self-interest and the common good: the conditions and boundaries of willingness to compromize one’s private interest for the common cause.  She studies collaborative planning drawing from political philosophy and democracy theory. Her doctoral thesis focuses on the concept of public interest, searching for the justification for public planning in complex and plural contemporary societies. (Urban Commons) More about Karoliina: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=7047673&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile

Peter Parker is a senior lecturer in Leadership and Organization at the Dept of Urban Studies, Malmö University (Sweden). Previous research interests include informal organization and social networks. More recent research focuses on the concept of urban commons and the relationship of urban commons to issues of social sustainability as well as a highly related theme that might be called participatory governance. (Urban Commons) More about Peter: http://forskning.mah.se/en/id/tspepa

Registration for the afternoon sessions here!

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