From new forms of production towards building commons! A direction for the SIG

As a continuation of the theme “co-creation, co-governance and peer-to-peer production on public services” the co-p2p SIG continues its work now focusing more on “commons” (see e.g Ostrom 1990) as a framework to expand our understanding of emerging considerations for the design, provision and maintenance of “public” services and urban space.

During 2013, several researchers both at Aalto ARTS and Aalto ENG will be working on this topic through this initial set of questions:

1) How to move from existing marginal and grassroots initiatives towards building and sustaining a “commons”? (see Salet, Bertolini & Giezen,2012; Savini 2011). How to enhance the collaboration between these initiatives and different public bodies/institutions?

2) Can  design research contribute to the development of new types of actions and vocabulary?  For example it has been suggested that “communing” is a needed intervention that pose interesting connotations that go beyond what mere outsourcing or crowdsourcing concepts imply, and that at the same time offer a new perspective on the pervasiveness of the “privatization” discourse (see Hellfrish & Bollier 2012). What is needed to opening up, design and develop services that contribute to a commons?

3) What is the role of digital Media in the co-creation of the commons? What should be developed in areas such as community informatics (see e.g Cindio & Schuller 2012) , participatory design and other frameworks?

Stay tuned and let us know if you want to contribute towards a seminar we are planning for the fall 2013

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