There is life after the seminar: Thank you!

The Seminar Co-creation, co-governance and peer-to-peer production of public services was very successful! We had close to 100 participants in Sampo Hall and thought we dont know yet the exact number of those following the live video stream, we know at least of a handful of people commenting on twitter and qaiku that where not here so it must have been also crowded there.

Participants came mostly came from within Aalto community, as our main aim was to stir the conversation and explore new avenues for research and cooperation. In adition we also had representatives from the city, other governmental institutions, NGO’s, companies, civil society and researchers form other institutions. Thank you all for the good discussions, suggestions and inspiring presentations.

In the next few weeks we will be updating the program section to include links to the presentations and videos of the seminar. Keep tuned!

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