Almost there! online videostreaming, twitter and qaiku and the rest for the seminar

We are very happy with the number of registrations and interest created by the seminar. It seems the topic is very timely and the issues relevant and interesting not only with in Aalto University but also abroad.

For those of you unable to attend physically, we will be providing online streaming video of the presentations (YEAH). So point your browsers to this direction at about 9:15 am Helsinki time and join us.

Some presenters are not totally sure they will like their interventions to be streamed so we might turn the signal off a couple of times, but for most we think we will be online all the time.

We also want to document thoughts and ideas collaboratively online

1) If you (here or online) are using twitter please use the hashtag #cop2p for your posts. So we gather them all here
2) There will also be a thread in the seminar channel of Qaiku here:

CU soon!

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